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304 7th St

Sgt. Bluff, IA 51054

 Your home just the way you've dreamed it would be!



1. Design Services, L. L. C.  is not an architectural or engineering firm and consequently does not provide those services.

2. Design Services, L. L. C. owns and retains the copy right of all Design Services L. L. C. drawings. The purchaser of these plans acknowledges that the plans are to be used for one dwelling only.

3. Codes govern the design in all drawings. The contractor is responsible for confirming that all codes are followed and for determining all dimensions in the field. The drawings may contain information adjustments and requests from the purchaser and therefor Design services L. L. C. is not responsible for the effect such information may have on the accuracy.



4. sets of changes are free. The first set of changes should determine the size of the project so it fits your budget. The second addition changes are free if starting over is not required. Starting over will be required if the style changes or if 60% or more of the plan changes. Starting over can only be determined by Design Services L. L. C.  and the owner will be notified prior to starting the work.

Any major structural change such as the change from a single story structure to a two story structure is a major change and requires a restart of the drawing process.


Commercial note:

Bid drawings and renderings.

Tell us what you want and we will provide you with the professional plans you want to bid the project. We are professional drafting company so no reason to pay the expense of an architectural or engineering firm for your presentation plans. Our plans can be provided in an electronic file if needed.